My First Speech in Toastmasters

My First Speech in Toastmasters

March 25, 2015  |  TOASTMASTERS

I’ve been a member in Toastmasters club for two months now. My club is located in Xi’an, China. Last Friday, I did my ice breaker speech to introduce my life to the club members.

I had very little experience of delivering a speech before, therefore, I was so afraid to stand on the stage. After I was told to give a speech and have one week to prepare, I almost tried to find an excuse to postpone it. However, I changed my mind. Three days before the club meeting, I forced myself to finish my speech draft. I also decided to use Powerpoint to better introduce myself —  I am such a fanatic doodler that I doodled many stories in my life, and I wanted them to know about this. I kept on practicing my speech whenever I can till it was my turn.

I was so familiar with the speech I was going to deliver, so I was not as nervous as I thought. Also, I was so happy to see that when I showed my pictures to the audience and saw them laughing a merry laugh. At the end of this activity, the president announced that I got the BEST SPEAKER! Wow! I’m so happy to win this prize.

Look, how my friends loved my speech in Moments section after I shared some pictures in WeChat!

Here’s my speech, and I’d like to share it with you:


Draw My Life

Hi everyone, my name is Jingjing. It’s my first speech, and I would like to share my life with you.


Look at this picture.

There is a little girl. I’m proud to say that this is me, and this cute little girl with a big pair of glasses is created by me.


I always like reading comics and watching cartoons. The characters in there are so beautiful that they attract me so much. After learning to copy the characters for several years, now I’m able to create characters by myself, and try to keep a record of my life by drawing pictures.


Then you may wonder: What’s your job? Maybe something related to painting? No, I’m not. I am –


– A doctor. It’s not the doctor’s degree, but the people who treat the illness.


Speaking of “doctors”, many people may say: “Doctors, Hmm! That’s a mysterious group of people.”  Yes, doctors are really a special group, for we are doing a job that is related to “a person’s life” directly. I’m so lucky to be one of these group members, to face the difficulties of diseases, and to understand how the patients feel and what they suffer from. I still remember a 16-year-old boy when I was working in the Intense Care Unit, where all the patients are seriously ill. This young boy had just had his operation and a huge tumor was cut off in his belly. What a poor boy – after that I often talked to him and changed the medical dressing for him. Everything seemed to go well. However, one day – on Christmas Eve – somewhere in his belly suddenly began to bleed heavily, we tried our best but we failed to save him. After he was declared dead, his parents fell on his body and cried out loud. Being a doctor is not easy – it’s so hard to see a life fading away. I was sad, but I did want to do something to keep him in my mind, so I drew this picture——

– and I get to know that every life is so precious that we should treat them all seriously.


But life is more than just work. There should always be some other activities to balance my life. After I began to work two years ago, I chose to participate in a sport to keep healthy, that is –

– Taekwondo! It’s a traditional sport from Korea. Now I’ve got the blue-green belt, and I’m qualified to learn some difficult kicking techniques. My friends there are so enthusiastic about this sport and they really help me a lot, especially when I was a beginner. Doing sports has many benefits, I learn from it to be a healthy person, to relax myself from stressed work, and to get good friends. I believe when you get a positive life outside the office, it is much easier for you to get back to work energetically.


Besides, all interesting stuff are good materials for my little pictures.

These pictures above  are neither sketches, nor the paintings, but I do not have to use complex painting skills to show their beauty. They are an important part of my life, and remind me and my friends of many happy memories. If you want to see them, please add me as a friend in WeChat, and we can share these pictures together.


This is me, my drawings and my life. Thank you very much!

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