The Details We Neglect

October 18, 2011  |  Neurology Study

When I was browsing a Chinese medical forum recently, a discussion about dietetic treatment suddenly drew my attention. It made me think of one of my internship experiences at the Department of Neurosurgery. It was about a mid-aged male patient with diabetes mellitus (DM), and whose daily diet and medicine were taken irregularly. We knew this during the routine patient rounds, and then the professor asked me to introduce some basics of DM to this patient. Later, I searched on-line and printed two articles with easy-to-understand content for him. When I gave them to the patient, I also talked about DM, such as what the normal range of blood sugar was. I was confident that I “taught” a clear idea about DM for him and his family. However, when his wife asked me whether he could eat apple and how much he could ate, I was stunned, for I never thought about such details about DM diet treatment. What I knew was just the concepts, the theories, such as what DM was, what medicine was used for treatment and what their side effects were as well as the concept of so-called “diet control”.

In fact, treatment of a disease like DM can be very specific, much more than those printed in textbook. “Diet control” is just one from a thousand aspects, and it could be so complicated that they are different from person to person. Sometimes, it is right what the patients really want but what we neglect. Let’s not ignore them anymore.

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  1. Another wonderful experience!

    Yes, well, it’s common that we ignore many important details about other. In your case, it’s your patients (clients), and you should remember this experience from now on.

    I really appreciate what you did for the patient – you searched and printed materials for him. I believe most of doctors won’t do this, either because they’re not aware of the importance of this, or they are too proud of themselves, or they don’t know how to search.

    I believe you will be a really good doctor, if you continue to pursue the professional perfection for it.

    • Thank you very much for encouraging me!

      It’s important for us to see everyone as an independent individual, full of thoughts and stories of their own life. For some doctors, patients are just like a machine with some diseases. That’s too bad in carrying out medical treatment, and it’s also an important point I should focus on in my study.

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