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October 14, 2011  |  Neurology Study

“Complexity” is my first impression for the study of anatomy of nervous system. At that time, I was just a freshman in a medical university and trying to digest all the medical knowledge I learned from class. Although I worked hard to organize the overwhelming information in the nervous system, lacking effective learning method made it difficult to understand or remember all the stuff.

Then in my fourth year of college, the course “Neurology” changed it. The first class of this course was taught by Mr. Pan, the director of Neurology Department from the affiliated hospital of my university. He was a kind man with a strong sense of humor, and he talked about lots of attractive cases during the class. It was the first time that my interest in neurology was inspired. Next, during another class about “Diseases of the Spinal Cord”, the teacher (another doctor) walked into the classroom, put down his bag, took a piece of chalk then drew a very simple but clear picture of spinal cord, including segments and a cross section. Suddenly I realized my hobby – drawing pictures – might be just the right way to study this course — I could actually draw “the knowledge” out! I believe this was a start for me to face my study in Neurology positively.

Since then, drawing turned into one of my unique method of learning the subject. I always found the anatomic structures become much more clear after I drew them in my notebook, even if it just were complicated pictures the same as in the books. My feeling for learning by drawing was so fantastic that I was totally immersed in it.

I am lucky, because besides my unique learning by drawing, I also found awesome books that are precious in my study, such as Duus’Neurologisch-topische Diagnostic Anatomie-funktion-Klinik (By Peter Duus). I happened to find it in the library during preparation for my exam. I could not help copying so many beautiful pictures down into my notebook.

Here are two I’ve drawn during this time:


After that, I determined I would choose Neurology as my major if I continued study after the 5-year college. During the interview of entrance examination for postgraduates, I introduced my pictures to the professors. I believe my learning method was so unique that it attracted them a lot. Finally, I passed it very easily, and now I am a Master student at West China Center of Medical Sciences :)

This is my experience.

So, how did you fall in love with your specialty?

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, I think a lot of people would find their true interest by accident, like you and me. I fell in love with web design/development and user experience because of my course “Web Technologies”. I happened to find that I was really into pixel level details for website, programming HTML and CSS, and love to improve some poor designs. After that, I bought a lot of books and attended events that related to this, as well as took several freelance website projects and internship. They really helped.

    Now I am a User Experience Engineer (my dream job), I love it. Looking back my way to get to this point, I feel very lucky and happy.

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